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My Java journey - becoming a Java Champion

I'm honored to be chosen as a Java Champion and be in such great company. Here's a summary of my Journey

Brian Benz

4 minutes read

Becoming a Java Champion is a high point of my career. Thanks especially to Arun Gupta for nomination and his help shepherding me through the process. I’d also like to extend special thanks to my fellow Java champions who voted for me, most notably my additional sponsors: 寺田佳央@クラウド・アドボケイト (Yoshio Terada), David Blevins, Josh Long, Ken Fogel, Edson Yanaga, Matt Raible, Simon Maple, Markus Eisele, Ivar Grimstad, Mark Heckler, Simon Ritter, Christoph Engelbert, Burr Sutter, and Bruno Borges.

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